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Project Information

Client: Lancaster University
Project Type: Data Science
Project Technology: Statistical Programming Package 'R'
Project Url: lancaster.ac.uk/data-science

Project Brief

To manage a data science research project. The initial task was to identify suitable companies to participate in the Data Science research programme. Then to explain the benefits of data science and the ability to generate knowledge that enables evidence based decision making. This was followed up by acting as a liaison between the companies, the university and the research students to ensure the smooth running of the project. The final task was to explain the results of the research to the clients and identify courses of potential action to implement the results.
Lancaster University Data Science Programme
Lancaster University's Data Science Partners are committed to the development of next generation of Data Scientists. By providing real-world opportunities for the use of advanced data analysis, our partners are assisting in the development of skills essential for the UK economy. Our partners have shown themselves to be leaders in the development and deployment of the Data Science techniques and have committed to sharing this expertise with our students. By working with Lancaster University's Data Science programmes our partners are promoting excellence in the handling of large and complex data sources.
For more information visit: www.lancaster.ac.uk/data-science
A number of research participants were identified with the assistance of Barclaycard.
Doric Cake Craft Ltd
Part of the Doric Group, Doric Cake Crafts is a wholesale supplier to the baking industry with a turnover of £4m. They are a business to business supplier only and do not sell directly to the public.
Unvented Components Europe Ltd
Unvented Components Europe is a specialist supplier of water cylinder components both in the UK and Europe. They sell mainly via the internet but also have a number of trade accounts with retailers and installers.
Acorn Healthy Options Pet Food Ltd
Acorn Healthy Options Pet Food is a retailer whose core business is the supply of healthy pet food directly to the public. They do not stock the branded products typically found on supermarket shelves, but have complied a range of products based on the quality and nutritional value of the ingredients.
The research project was successfully completed by the students and the results of the research were presented back to the client organisations. Clients were provided with specific insight and knowledge about their Google AdWords marketing, social media marketing and email marketing campaigns. We were able to identify patterns in the behaviour of visitors to their websites and how this behaviour was affected by promotional activity. Thereby we were able to identify which activities had the most desirable effects and to highlight a number of potential actions that the companies may wish to implement to improve campaign responses.
Due to client confidentially we are not permitted to discuss the actual research undertaken with each client or to reveal any company data.

Client Testimonial

"We are very grateful to Peppersack for finding companies to work with our students and for successfully co-ordinating the resultant projects. Peppersack have been able to demonstrate the benefits of data science to a range of company partners and have ensured that these benefits are realised. We're pleased that Peppersack are involved in our Data Science initiative and look forward to continued success."

Dr. Chris Edwards

Data Science Programme Director

Lancaster University

"Our collaboration with Peppersack on a Data Science project has proved extremely useful, providing us with valuable information about our marketing programmes and insight into buying patterns. We were impressed with how the project was managed and with how easy it was for us to participate."

Bryan Davies

Managing Director

Unvented Components Europe