Who Can Use Periscope Successfully?

Who Can Use Periscope Successfully?

Social media marketing is for all businesses, but there’s no denying that some networks are better for specific types of users. For instance, Pinterest is great for anyone with a visual product, but not necessarily for those without something that can be seen, touched or felt. For example, authors often struggle to make headway on Pinterest. Google Plus is great for photography and tech, and Facebook is a good option for most. What about Periscope? Who can use it most successfully?
Actually, this is one of the few platforms that can be utilized by almost any business out there. The secret is in knowing how to use it.

Backstage or Behind the Scenes

Whether you’re an author, a florist, a brewer or a venue manager, you have the ability to take your audience behind the scenes with you through Periscope. A quick three-minute video can highlight where you work, how your products are created, or pretty much anything else that your audience wouldn’t necessarily ever see.

Q & A

Hold a question and answer session with yourself, your manager or a thought leader in the industry. This connects your audience with your business while providing them with the means to get information they really need and to answer pressing questions. These can be fun and impromptu, or they can be more serious if you prefer.

Do a Teaser

Create a short teaser broadcast highlighting rewards, awards or ‘swag’ and then give that stuff away to your Periscope followers (the viewers who actually watched the broadcast). This is a really great way to ramp up brand recognition, and it can be done with almost anything, from promotional can koozies to pens to hats and everything in between. The items can be branded with your company’s name and logo, or they could be un-branded if you prefer.

Conduct Interviews

Your audience wants information, and they want to know more about your business, your products, your services and how things are changing. What better way to deliver that information than with an interview? You can interview almost anyone, from a celebrity to your head of production. You’ll answer questions, but also improve your brand image.

Share Your Story

Every company has a story behind it. Why did you get into business? What challenges were there? What hurdles almost caused the entire thing to implode? What do you consider your most defining moments? Weave this information into a compelling brand story and share it with your followers.

Show Off New Products

Your customers love what you have to offer, so when there’s a new release in the offing, make them aware of it. What better way to do that than through a broadcast? Unbox your item, or do a comparison between it and your existing lineup. This is one way that major brands are using the network, but it’s also one that almost any business with products to sell can connect with their audience.
As you can see, almost any business can use Periscope successfully. It’s all about learning how to use it, and then coming up with an interesting broadcast idea.



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