What You Need to Know About Creating Videos In-House

What You Need to Know About Creating Videos In-House

Video is hot, and not just for recreational viewing. It’s also one of the most compelling options for content marketing and can provide your business with a dramatic boost. Of course, it can also be intimidating. You might worry about the amount of money you’ll need to spend on equipment, on lighting, on professional production and the like. The good news is that in-house video production is not only possible, but it can be simple and even affordable. There are a few things to understand here, though.

Use a Tripod or Other Stability Control

It can be tempting to shoot video with a smartphone or a handheld video camera, but unless you’re going for the shaky-cam look, this isn’t the right path to take. Invest in a tripod or another solution that will stabilize your camera during recording. Sure, shaky-cam can be used to tie into other branding, but it’s not the right path for professional quality production.

Timing Is Crucial

Another mistake that too many business owners and marketers make is having their video run too long. Don’t think that your story warrants five full minutes when it could be condensed to just 90 seconds. Cut out dead time, hemming and hawing, any any content that doesn’t actually deliver value to your viewers. Tightening things up will yield major results in terms of viewer appreciation and quality.

Don’t Overspend on Equipment

While it might seem as though you really need to spend a lot on professional quality gear to produce high-quality videos, that’s not the case. A modest outlay of cash can give you equipment that is more than capable of producing very good videos, along with decent audio. Do your research, or better yet, speak with a videographer to get his or her take on it.

Make Sure You Have Enough Microphones

Don’t rely on the mic built into your video camera or your phone for all of your video recording needs. It might work in certain situations, but chances are good that in most, the audio will come through as weedy, hard to hear, or completely inaudible. Invest in enough microphones for your needs. You should have at least one omni-directional mic, as well as a couple of lapel microphones.

Focus on Delivering Value

In the end, the quality of your video matters less than the value it provides to your viewers. It’s far better to invest your time in creating video content that really gives customers and potential customers what they want and need, than to worry about the quality of your gear or the suitability of your recording environment.

Video content can and should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, but you must ensure that you’re doing it right, or you’ll find the value to your business is lacking. Create video content that solves a need or informs and educates your audience, rather than focusing on novelty or fun content.

What You Need to Know About Creating Videos In-House by Chris Tomlinson




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