What Makes Periscope a “Must Have” Marketing Tool for Businesses?

What Makes Periscope a “Must Have” Marketing Tool for Businesses?

Social media marketing has been hailed as the best solution for marketers hoping to connect with their audience. While all networks have their quirks and benefits, once you’ve learned the ins and outs of each, you can put it to work on your behalf. What about the new comer, Periscope? It’s getting a lot of press, but what makes it such a “must have” marketing tool for business owners and marketers?

You Get Up Close and Personal with Your Audience

Unlike traditional marketing methods, such as radio spots or TV ads, Periscope puts you up front with your audience. You’re broadcasting live. You’re speaking directly to your audience. You’re answering their questions. Even Facebook and Twitter don’t quite match Periscope’s ability to connect you with the people who matter most to your success.

Not Inundated

Facebook is saturated. Twitter’s becoming overloaded. Even LinkedIn and G+ have a high concentration of marketers. Periscope is different. They’ve only just reached the 10-million-member mark, and that means there’s lots of room for growth. You can market your business without too much worry about being drowned out by your competitors.

Drive Traffic Elsewhere

Another great thing about Periscope is that you’re not locked into it alone. You can use it to drive traffic pretty much anywhere you want. Use it to send people to your website or blog, or have them visit your other social media accounts. The sky’s pretty much the limit here. However, make sure you have a solution for tracking set up. You need to know where your traffic is coming from and how much of it is due to Periscope so you know whether or not your efforts are having any real results on your success.

Let People Know

One of the most interesting things about Periscope is that your videos only last for 24 hours on the network. Far from being a bad thing, this can actually be used to give a feel of exclusivity to some of your content. Rather than distributing all of your videos to other sites, leave some of it for only followers on Periscope, and then let interested people know a day or two ahead of time. You might be surprised at how much it bumps up your viewer numbers and how much your audience there appreciates exclusive content.

You Get Audience Participation

One of the greatest things about this network is the fact that your audience is able to participate in the discussion. They can ask questions, make comments and more. You reply and respond. This builds a personal relationship with each person, but it also shows that you really care and are more than just a faceless business interested in profit. Encourage your audience to ask questions – hold a specific Q & A if necessary – but get them involved.
As you can see, Periscope is definitely a “must have” for any marketer. The platform’s uniqueness makes it an ideal solution for business owners and decision makers hoping to ramp up their efforts.



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