How Do Business Owners Use Periscope?

How Do Business Owners Use Periscope?

Periscope is one of the hottest new social networks, but it’s more than that. Periscope is designed specifically for smartphones and tablets, and works only through that platform. There’s no website to log into, unlike Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest. It’s entirely based around the idea of creating live broadcasts, and it has gained incredible popularity in just the short time since it launched in 2015. It’s not only popular with regular users, but it’s becoming one of the go-to solutions for businesses, as well. How do business owners use the app?

Product Reveals

Wouldn’t it be nice if every business could pull off something like Apple’s events, or Microsoft’s shindigs? While you might not have the budget for all the theatrics or the pretty lights, you can do much the same with Periscope. Use the app to highlight new products as they’re released. Show your audience what your product does, why it’s better than other options out there, and do it in a format that ensures engagement and understanding.

Behind the Scenes

Your customers want to know your business. They want to feel connected to it in a way that goes beyond walking into a showroom or brick and mortar store and making a purchase. They want to know about your culture, about your employees and more. Take them behind the scenes with Periscope and give them what they want. You can show off your culture, the fun your team has at special events, and much more. Periscope makes it simple to introduce the real you to your customers.

How To

Do you have a product that needs a little introduction on use? Maybe your customers are familiar with your product’s basic features, but aren’t quite grasping what makes it truly unique on the market. If that’s the case, then you can use Periscope to create a how-to video and show customers exactly what your product is capable of doing.

Build Your Mailing List

Every business struggles to build a mailing list. Periscope provides you with a handy way to help offset that difficulty. At the end of your broadcast, just ask your viewers to leave their email address as a comment. The information will only be viewable by you (as long as you’re not using the front-facing camera on your device), and if you did your job right with the broadcast, then your audience will be more than happy to learn more. It’s also a much more personal way to ask for that information than through an opt-in page on your website.

Q & A Sessions

The question and answer format has become incredibly popular today, particularly on Reddit. However, you can do that same thing with Periscope and give your audience a chance to ask whatever questions they might have on their minds.
Periscope offers the ability to do much more, as well. It’s an important marketing tool for businesses of all sizes today, and if you’re not currently using it, then you’re missing out.



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