Content Types: Choosing the Right Option

Content Types: Choosing the Right Option

Let’s be frank – content marketing can get expensive, and it can do so quickly. That goes doubly if you’re using the wrong type of content. You need to choose the right options not only for your budget, but for your audience. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. What works for one business may not work at all for another firm. How do you choose the right path forward?

Evaluate Your Audience Before Producing Content

First, consider your audience. What sorts of content are they more likely to consume? What formats will offer the most value to them? For instance, if you’re marketing to upwardly mobile Millennials, then video might be the content type of choice – they’re already in tune with online video and practically live on YouTube and Vimeo. However, if your audience is built of Baby Boomers, then chances are good that you’ll be better off going with reports or ebooks – something with some meat to it that doesn’t offer all the interactive bells and whistles that might turn them off. So, the first step in determining the type of content you focus on is figuring out what your audience wants, and is most likely to consume.

Your Content Should Provide Value

You also need to consider your own ability to provide value. While you’re definitely an expert in your particular field, not all business types are a good fit for all types of content. For example, let’s say you’re a book publisher. That would make text-based content marketing a perfect fit, but you might struggle with creating videos that offer engagement and real value (we’re talking more than mere book trailers here). We’re not talking about your ability to create the content type in question. We’re specifically speaking of the transferability of your expertise to a specific medium.

Your Ability to Create Content on a Budget

Now we come to the crux of the matter – your ability to create the right type of content on a budget. Chances are good that you’re like most small business owners and struggling to keep your books in the black. Even a modest expenditure in marketing can cause a downturn, and you can’t afford to stay in the red for long.

Look at your ability to create content and get it out to your audience. Many of these options come with little or even no cost other than the time required to put your fingers to the keyboard. For instance, you can blog for little more than the cost of designing and hosting your blog. If you already have a website, then you can most likely tack on a blog section for no cost. Writing posts costs you nothing but time, so long as you do it yourself. You can also delegate blog creation to a team member to save some cash.

However, when you start getting into other types of content creation, you’ll find the costs increase quickly. Video can be very expensive if done professionally. Even creating infographics can cost a lot.

Find the right content types for your audience, then focus on finding ways to create that content without breaking the bank. It can be done, and it can be done more easily than you likely suspect.

Content Types: Choosing the Right Option by Chris Tomlinson


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