Content Distribution: Broadening Your Reach

Content Distribution: Broadening Your Reach

Content marketing can be incredibly effective, and it can also be very affordable when done the right way. That makes it the go-to solution for businesses on a budget. However, in addition to choosing the right types of content, maximizing the value of any time spent on content creation, and actually getting that content created in the first place, you need to do something else. You need to find a way to get that content out into the wild. Content distribution solutions can be tough to find, but there are some solutions to your situation.

Why Distribute?

First, let’s address the question of why you need to distribute your content in the first place. Simply put, if it’s just sitting on your blog or website, then only a limited number of people will see it. You don’t need to distribute all of the content created, but you do need to get some pieces out there.

Optimisation Is the First Step

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you’re optimizing your content for Google. While you should definitely create for human readers first and search engines second, optimisation isn’t something that you can ignore. Use the right keywords, at the right density. Also make sure that you’re capitalizing on things like image alt titles, meta descriptions and the rest. This doesn’t get your content off your site, but it will help draw more readers to you.

Guest Posting

One way to get your content off your site and out into the wild is through guest posting. With a little research, you can find high-ranking blogs and websites that tie into your platform that will accept guest posts. Make sure that you follow their requirements carefully, though. This can include specifications on things like length, keyword density, formatting, images, and even the number of links that you’re allowed to include in the content. With a well-placed guest post, you can get hundreds, or even thousands of new eyes on your content, and traffic to the destination link at the bottom of your post.

Syndication with Networks

Yes, you can share links to blog posts, free reports, ebooks and more through sites like Facebook, but there’s one network that you should be paying a great deal more attention to here. LinkedIn has become incredibly popular for blogs, articles and even longer content. You can publish your content here with a link directing readers back to your site, your blog or to another online destination.

Another syndication option is Medium. This is actually a very good solution for graphic-lite posts, as the platform doesn’t support much in the way of picture-heavy content. However, it has grown considerably since it debuted, and it’s becoming more and more popular by the day. You might also consider Reddit, as well as sites like or The Next Web.

By getting your content off your site and into the wild, you can drive a great deal of fresh traffic where you want it.

Content Distribution: Broadening Your Reach by Chris Tomlinson


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