7 Tips for Better Scopes

7 Tips for Better Scopes

Scopes, the videos that you create on Periscope, are the means by which you reach your audience. Obviously, you want them to be of the highest quality possible. That can be challenging, particularly when the recording device is your smartphone. If your videos are too shaky, too grainy, too dark or suffer from another problem, you’ll alienate the very people you want to attract. Use these tips to create better scopes.

Watch Other Broadcasts First

The first and most important tip here is to arm yourself beforehand. Spend some time watching the scopes of others, particularly anyone in your industry. See what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. Experience life from the other side of the lens, and that will help ensure that you can tailor the experience to your audience.

Titles Matter a Lot

This tip has nothing to do with video quality and everything to do with whether or not people can find your videos. The only thing that’s displayed in the featured and recent columns is your title. Make it count. It needs to be short, catchy and succinct, while tying in to the premise of the broadcast.

Do Several Test Runs

Once you’re ready to start broadcasting, make a couple of test runs. These should only run for a couple of minutes, and should be limited to letting others find you and then pretty much just saying hello, talking for a moment, and then ending the broadcast. It’s more about building confidence and familiarity with the controls than anything else.

Write a Script

For your first scope (and maybe others moving forward), consider writing a script. This will help ensure that you know what you’re going to say, which can fly right out of your head when people start showing up and asking questions. Script it out for a little while and then start cutting back as you get more comfortable with the format.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Understand that your phone is the recording device for scopes and that a phone call will definitely interrupt things. Turn your phone to airplane mode and then turn Wi-Fi on so that you’re not rudely interrupted by a caller in the middle of your broadcast.

Pay Attention to Lighting

There’s nothing worse than not being able to see someone in their scope, or having light that’s glaring so brightly you can’t look at the screen. Pay attention to the lighting around you. You need enough light that your viewers can see you well, but not so much that it blinds them. Avoid light sources that point toward the camera (a sunlit window for instance), too.

Steady On

If you’re holding the phone in your hands while you’re recording, you need to practice so that you can hold it steady. Alternatively, you can opt for a tripod or something similar (mono pods, selfie sticks and the like).
Use these tips to help you create more professional, better looking scopes that really engage your audience.



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