5 Tips for Implementing Inbound Marketing Techniques

5 Tips for Implementing Inbound Marketing Techniques

Whether you call it attraction marketing or inbound marketing, it’s the same thing. You encourage your audience to take action and enter the sales funnel. It’s a very different situation from outbound marketing (conventional marketing, where you send sales message after sales message to your recipients in the hopes that someone will convert). Inbound marketing offers significant benefits for companies of all sizes, and it’s become an incredibly important consideration. How do you implement these tactics, though?
The Right Content Many inbound marketing methods rely on content in order to work. This applies to everything from blog posts to ebooks to social media posts. What this means is that you need to have the right content to support your inbound marketing campaign. There’s good news, though. If you’re currently running a content marketing campaign, much of that content can serve a dual purpose.
Build Links While it might not be as simple as creating content to share, off-page SEO tactics like link building are vital parts of inbound marketing. The stronger your links are, the better your site will rank in organic search results, and the more authority Google will grant you. Pay attention to where your links originate – you need high-value sites linking to relevant pages on your own website. Low quality or irrelevant sites won’t boost your ranking, and may actually lower it.
The Right Employees Handling Social Media Anyone with access to your social media accounts must understand the incredible number of customer touchpoints today, as well as the fact that they play a role in both marketing and customer service. It’s also important that employees handling social media accounts for your company have a good understanding of your customers (at least your customer personas). It’s far too easy for a single faux pas on social media to turn into a major gaffe that may or may not be recoverable.
Give Your Audience a Simple Unsubscribe Method Chances are good that your inbound marketing campaign will include an opt-in form for a newsletter (or maybe more than one). That offers outstanding benefits, but you need to make it as easy for your customers to opt out as it was for them to opt in originally. That might sound a little off-center. After all, you want to keep those customers on your list, right? Here’s the thing – there’s little point in marketing to someone who wants off the list, and not giving them a clear-cut means to get out can build ill will. There’s also the possibility they’ll start reporting your messages as spam, which raises red flags with Google and others.
Buyer Personas If you don’t currently have personas created of your ideal customers, it’s time to develop them. While they’re fictitious representations, they provide you with the means to target your inbound marketing content to the needs, wants and preferences of the various segments of your audience and increase the reach and impact of that content.
Properly implemented, inbound marketing can be immensely beneficial, but it must be done correctly.



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