4 Tips to Boost Inbound Marketing Success

4 Tips to Boost Inbound Marketing Success

Inbound marketing works hand in hand with your content marketing campaign to nurture leads, create sales and build your success. However, it’s not as simple as that – chances are good that your efforts could use a little boost in the area of effectiveness and success. While inbound marketing can be complex, particularly when you start considering alternative copy testing and data analysis, there are a few simple tips that you can employ to see a spike in success immediately.
The Right Content First and foremost, understand that inbound marketing will NOT work if you don’t have a fully developed content marketing campaign underpinning it. Content builds your brand and establishes authority. Without that, your sales message will fall on deaf ears. So, the first tip here is to make sure that you’ve created a robust content marketing campaign and that the content types match both your audience’s needs and the requirements of your product or service. Use ebooks, whitepapers, blog posts, articles, email and any other method that works.
Know Your Customer (Persona) While it’s impossible to know all of your customers intimately, it IS possible to create customer personas that your staff knows very well. Personas are nothing more than fictionalized versions of your ideal customers. You should have several different personas (because no business has just one single type of customer). Base your personas on your actual customers’ needs, wants, preferences, buying habits and other criteria, and then integrate those into your inbound marketing efforts. Tailor your inbound marketing for each persona, and you’ll have taken a huge step toward personalizing your marketing, and building success.
Define What a Qualified Lead Is It’s vital that you’re able to attract qualified leads. However, what constitutes such a person? On what criteria should your sales team take action? It’s vital that you sit down with your team (or have a manager sit down with them) and develop a list of qualifications that identify a qualified lead. Next, develop a set of questions for your sales team to ask while vetting potential leads in order to qualify or disqualify them as a lead and potential future customer. These should be integrated into forms for leads to complete, but make sure they’re succinct, with only a bare minimum of questions or your visitors will opt out.
Build Effective Landing Pages In addition to the three tips above, you need to ensure that you have effective landing page copy. It can’t be an outright, blatant sales pitch. It must be engaging. It must provide direction. It must pique interest. It should also be specific about the problem solved by the conversion (why the person should opt in). Most of all, it must speak to the individual who’s visiting the page. You’ll need several landing pages for your various personas, as well.
Inbound marketing can be tough, even with a robust content marketing campaign supporting it. However, the four tips above will help you boost conversion and success.



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