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“The world has changed, we have changed with it. We provide marketing and communications services to big data, analytics and AI organisations without actually meeting them face-to-face. Driving and flying to appointments, apart from being a waste of time and resources, is bad for the environment and is contributing to climate change. Prior to COVID-19, we advocated the use of email as the main communications channel, supported by video conferencing when needed. Organisations are now beginning to demand it. This new reality keeps people safe, reduces emissions, improves efficiency and lowers costs.”

Services are delivered individually or as bespoke packages. We understand the challenges facing tech firms and start-ups and can help founders with little or no marketing expertise build brands and win clients

Peppersack operates in the data science sector. We support organisations that work with big data, analytics and artificial intelligence by providing marketing and communications planning, management and implementation. We have clients that use our Search Engine Optimisation service, some that use our Content Generation service for the supply of white papers and articles and others for the management of social media. We act as a full-service agency to clients such as the Data Science Foundation, where Peppersack is involved in strategic planning, the management of marketing and communications plans and the implementation of all promotional and communications activities.

Our contacts and experience in the big data and AI sector when combined with our background in marketing and communications, make us ideally suited to partner with technology companies. We appreciate that our clients need to see a return on the time and the money they invest in their marketing activity. As such we take time to understand a client’s business, their markets, their products and their customers. Once we understand a client’s and their customers’ needs, we work with them to develop marketing and communications solutions to help achieve their objectives.

What our Clients’ Say

"We are very grateful to Peppersack for finding companies to work with our students and for successfully co-ordinating the resultant projects. Peppersack have been able to demonstrate the benefits of data science to a range of company partners and have ensured that these benefits are realised. We're pleased that Peppersack are involved in our Data Science initiative and look forward to continued success."

Dr. Chris Edwards

Lancaster University

Data Science Programme Director

“We retained Peppersack because we were impressed with the development of our marketing strategy and corporate identity. The development of the website as an extension of the business was fundamental to the business operation of the Foundation. We are pleased with design and functionality of the site. Again we were impressed with the expertise of Peppersack and with the dedication brought to this project”

Claire Mottram

PA to Director,

Data Science Foundation